Safe School Climate

The Farmington Board of Education approved and adopted the latest version of the revised District Bullying and Safe Schools Climate Plan Policy and Administrative Regulations in December 2019. In accordance with Connecticut State Statute PA-11-232, all Farmington Public School Employees have received a copy of both of these documents.

All district employees complete a set of mandated trainings that relate to ensuring a Safe School Climate for all students. These include trainings on bullying, sexual harassment, mental health risk reduction and unconscious bias in schools.

Each school has appointed a Safe School Climate Specialist and a Safe School Climate Committee comprised of staff, administration and parent representation. If parents/guardians or students have any questions, concerns, or would like to file an official complaint they should first contact a teacher, counselor, or other certified faculty member. If the issue is not resolved at that level, then the Safe School Climate Specialist, the building Principal, should be notified.

Below is a list of the district's Safe School Climate Specialists:

Farmington High SchoolDr. Scott Hurwitz
Irving A. Robbins Middle SchoolMs. Nilda Irizarry
West Woods Upper Elementary Dr. Katie Blore
East FarmsMs. Renee St. Hillaire
Noah WallaceMs. Carrie Huber
Union SchoolMs. Caitlin Eckler
West DistrictMs. Carolyn Fink

Principals will respond promptly, listening to the concerns, and determine appropriate next steps. We take these matters seriously to support students and families.

Should the issue not be resolved at the school level, parents/ guardians or students are encouraged to contact: Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Kimberly Wynne, is the District Safe School Climate Coordinator.

For bullying concerns, parents/ guardians or students are encouraged to contact: Director of Special Services, Dr. Laurie Singer

To view the Policy and Administrative Regulations, click on the links below.

To view the Title IX Training documentation, please click on the link below: