West Woods Upper Elementary School

West Woods Upper Elementary School opened in September 2002 with just over 700 students in grades five and six in a beautiful facility with cutting edge technology and resources. The mission of West Woods School is to "challenge all students to meet high academic standards and to help them become responsible and caring community members." We continue to work to articulate that vision and to translate it into school programs and structures. West Woods creates a strong bridge between the elementary schools and the middle school, and the faculty, administration, and staff of West Woods are committed to providing the following for every student:

  • A rigorous core academic program, which challenges all students to meet high standards in all areas of the curriculum and where "the continual press for achievement is coupled with high standards of care." (Anne Wheelock)
  • Standards-based curriculum, which focuses on high achievement through an integrated and meaningful approach to learning and which solidifies skill acquisition in preparation for middle school.
  • An environment which nurtures and supports students physically, emotionally, socially, and academically, and an organization and schedule which supports both the curriculum and the developmental needs of students.
  • Small, personalized structures for learning, including teams and tandems, which support connections between teachers and students that foster student motivation, effort, and investment in schoolwork.
  • Careful transitions in and out of the school, continuity and alignment of curriculum across levels, and graduated structures that change from grade five to grade six to support a smooth transition.

Dr. Katherine Blore, Principal
Mrs. Nicole Vibert, Assistant Principal

50 Judson Lane,
Farmington, CT 06032

Phone (860) 284-1230
FAX: (860) 284-1240


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