Facilities and Operations


School Cleaning: Schools will continue to provide wipes for desks, tables, chairs and any shared items. Students, teachers and custodians/cleaners may use these to sanitize surfaces of shared materials and furniture. 

Food Services: We will offer a breakfast and lunch program in all schools in accordance with state and federal guidelines for the 2022-2023 school year. Please see our Food & Nutrition page for more details.

Bus Transportation: We will operate buses at full or close to capacity. 

Ventilation: All ventilation systems are inspected regularly in-house and our HVAC equipment is always under maintenance contracts for operational functionality. In addition to outside contractors, we have three full time mechanics on our staff that perform regular belt and filter changes and keep our equipment running smoothly. We are maximizing air circulation throughout all schools.


District Liaison:

Scott Hurtwitz
Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations
(860) 673-8270