Office of the Superintendent

It is a great honor to welcome you to the Farmington Public Schools, a nationally recognized school district committed to excellence in education.

The mission of the Farmington Public Schools is to enable all students to achieve academic and personal excellence, exhibit persistent effort and live as resourceful, inquiring and contributing global citizens. In turn, we are an innovative learning organization that focuses upon continuous improvement in all aspects of our work. This focus on continuous improvement creates an environment of innovation, risk taking, and excellence at all levels of our educational organization. Each day, our students engage in powerful learning experiences, mastering rigorous grade level standards while developing the core thinking and learning competencies necessary to be successful in college, careers and as citizens of our global community. As outlined in Farmington’s Vision of the Graduate, our students acquire an understanding of the essential knowledge and skills in the core academic disciplines and develop the thinking and learning skills necessary to meet the challenges of local, national and global citizenship in a rapidly changing world:

Critical Thinking and Reasoning:

Students access, interpret, analyze, and evaluate ideas and information, draw evidence-based conclusions, synthesize new learning with prior knowledge and reflect critically on learning.

Collaboration and Communication:

Students participate effectively in a variety of teams, actively listen and respond to the ideas of others, share responsibility for outcomes, articulate ideas clearly in multiple formats and use technology tools to enhance communication.

Problem Solving and Innovation:

Students identify problems, analyze data, ask questions, utilize a variety of resources, think flexibly, make connections and seek practical, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions.

Self-Direction and Resourcefulness:

Students explore interests, take initiative, set learning goals, demonstrate persistent effort, adapt to change with resiliency and exhibit ethical leadership and responsible citizenship.

We celebrate and honor the strong relationships that have been established among and between the Board of Education, administration, faculty, parents and the community at large. With an outstanding team of administrators and faculty, we work in collaboration with families to engage in continuous improvement efforts that challenge and support our students.

The purpose of our website is to keep our students, staff, parents and community informed of the outstanding services, resources and programs that are offered by the Farmington Public Schools. We encourage you to explore this website and learn more about the quality programming that is offered in our schools and community.

Kathleen C. Greider, Superintendent of Schools

Kathleen C. Greider
Superintendent of Schools

Natascha Schwartz
Administrative Assistant
to the Superintendent
(860) 673-8268