Central Office Staff Directory


The Board of Education Office is located at the Town Hall, 1 Monteith Drive, Farmington. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The main telephone number is (860) 673-8270.


School District Central Office Personnel

Name Position   E-mail
Kathleen C. Greider Superintendent  


Kimberly Wynne Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction  


Dr. Scott Hurwitz Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations  


Dr. Laurie Singer Director of Special Services  


Ted Donahue Assistant Director of Special Services   donahuet@fpsct.org


Veronica Ruzek Director of Curriculum & Instruction   ruzekv@fpsct.org
Matthew Ross Director of Technology   rossm@fpsct.org
Sam Kilpatrick Director of School Facilities   kilpatricks@fpsct.org
Joseph Walsh Director of Dining Services Chartwells School Dining   Joseph.Walsh@compass-usa.com
Bryan Zerio Director of Farmington Extended Care & Learning   zeriob@fpsct.org
Lori Wyrebek Coordinator of Continuing Education Programs   wyrebekL@fpsct.org
D'Ante Borawski Administrative Assistant to Superintendent   borawskid@fpsct.org
Darlene Sepulveda Administrative Assistant to Assistant Superintendent
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Politimi Nasiakos Admin. Asst. to Asst. Superintendent of Finance & Operations   nasiakosp@fpsct.org
Beth Haber Business Manager   haberb@fpsct.org
Ann Jay Payroll Supervisor   jaya@fpsct.org
Betsy Rosado Accounts Payable Supervisor   rosadob@fpsct.org
Chris Loehn Account Supervisor of Transportation & Facilities   loehnc@fpsct.org
Kelly Lamo Finance Account Supervisor   lamok@fpsct.org

School-Based Administration



Name Position Phone # E-mail
Russ Crist Interim Principal, Farmington High School 860-673-2514 cristr@fpsct.org  


Felicia Poskus Interim Assistant Principal, Farmington High School 860-673-2514 poskusf@fpsct.org
Lisa Kapcinski Assistant Principal, Farmington High School 860-673-2514


Mary Lundquist Dean of Students, Farmington High School 860-673-2514


Nilda Irizarry

Principal, IAR Middle School

860-677-2683 irizarryn@fpsct.org    
Lauren LaVecchia Assistant Principal, IAR Middle School 860-677-2683


Dr. Katie Blore Principal, West Woods Upper Elementary School 860-284-1230


Nicole Vibert Assistant Principal, West Woods Upper Elementary School 860-284-1230 vibertn@fpsct.org    
Jessica Szafran Principal, East Farms School 860-674-9519 szafranj@fpsct.org
Carrie Huber Principal, Noah Wallace School 860-677-1659 huberc@fpsct.org

Caitlin Eckler

Principal, Union School 860-673-2575


Carolyn Fink Principal, West District School 860-673-2579 finkc@fpsct.org