Members and Committees

The Farmington Board of Education is a nine-member elected board. It is responsible for maintenance and operation of the public schools of Farmington as required by law and the Town Charter. The Board establishes policies, which lead to high performing, learning-focused public elementary and secondary schools that in its judgment will best serve the educational interests and expectations of the community. A primary responsibility of the Board of Education is to appoint a Superintendent of Schools.

A comprehensive listing of Board responsibilities is presented in the Bylaws Section of the Farmington Board of Education Policy Book, available for review through the office of the Superintendent of Schools.

Board of Education Committees:

Personnel & Negotiations

Chair - Christine Arnold

Andrea Sobinski

Patricia Boye-Williams


Chair - Bill Beckert

Beth Kintner

Sylvie Binette



Chair - Andrea Sobinski

Patricia Boye-Williams

Sarah Healey


Chair - Beth Kintner

Bill Beckert

Nadine Canto


Community Liaisons:

CREC- Elizabeth Fitzsimmons

FHS Extended Learning Opportunities Committee- Sylvie Binette

Supt’s Interscholastic Athletics Advisory Committee- Bill Beckert

Farmington Public School Foundation- Beth Kintner

Health & Wellness (including FOCUS)- Christine Arnold

Cafeteria Advisory Committee- Andrea Sobinski

Town/ BOE Green Efforts Committee- Patricia Boye-Williams

Town of Farmington Racial Equality Task Force- Nadine Canto

Community Council for Equity and Inclusion- Sarah Healey

FHS Building Committee- Beth Kintner

Noah Wallace Fund - Andrea Sobinski, Sarah Healey, Nadine Canto, Beth Kintner

Elementary Ad Hoc- Bill Beckert and Sarah Healey


Elizabeth Fitzsimmons, Chair
Andrea Sobinski, Vice Chair/


Christine Arnold
William Beckert
Sylvie Binette
Sarah Healey
Beth Kintner
Nadine Canto
Patricia Boye-Williams