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Philosophy, Mission & Goals

Strategic planning for continuous improvement is an important process in the district's efforts to enable all students to reach high levels of achievement, leadership and citizenship.

BOE Philosophy

The Farmington Public Schools believe that all students are capable of acquiring the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed for productive, ethical and responsible citizenship in an evolving world community.  As an innovative learning organization, the Farmington school district is deeply committed to continuous improvement.  Thus, collaborative interactions among students, educators, parents and families emphasize the importance of clear expectations, rigorous standards-led curriculum, inspired instruction, personal effort and engaged relationships leading to high levels of achievement for all learners.

Our Mission

The mission of the Farmington Public Schools is to enable all students to achieve academic and personal excellence, exhibit persistent effort and live as resourceful, inquiring and contributing global citizens.


1.  All students will demonstrate performance standards in critical thinking and reasoning and meet rigorous core academic content* standards by accessing, interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating ideas and information, drawing evidence-based conclusions, synthesizing new learning with prior knowledge and reflecting critically on learning.  

2.  All students will demonstrate performance standards in collaboration and communication and meet rigorous core academic content* standards by participating effectively in a variety of teams, actively listening and responding to the ideas of others, sharing responsibility for outcomes, articulating ideas clearly in a multiple formats and using technology tools to enhance communication.

3.  All students will demonstrate performance standards in problem solving and innovation and  meet rigorous core academic content* standards by identifying problems, analyzing data, asking questions, utilizing a variety of resources, thinking flexibly, making connections and seeking practical, innovative, and entrepreneurial solutions.

4.  All students will demonstrate performance standards in self-direction and resourcefulness and meet rigorous core academic content* standards by exploring interests, taking initiative, setting learning goals, demonstrating persistent effort, adapting to change with resiliency and exhibiting ethical leadership and responsible citizenship.

*Farmington’s Core Academic Content Areas include English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Health, Physical Education, Wellness and Music, Fine and Applied Arts.


1.  All students will meet established English / language arts performance standards by demonstrating the skills to read, understand, interpret, discuss and critique diverse texts and to communicate effectively through independent and collaborative writing for a wide variety of purposes and audiences.  They will take initiative to explore interests and respond to problems through research and use their literacy skills to exercise leadership and responsible citizenship. 

2.   All students will meet established mathematics performance standards by demonstrating problem solving and reasoning skills that advance understanding and application of essential mathematical concepts.  They will make mathematical connections to their lives and use a variety of tools and representations to effectively communicate mathematical thinking.

3.  All students will meet established science performance standards by demonstrating the critical thinking, technology and inquiry skills in life, physical and earth sciences.  They will examine natural phenomena, pose and evaluate arguments based on evidence, explore interests and make decisions about contemporary issues in science.

4.  All students will meet established social studies performance standards by demonstrating critical thinking, reasoning and research skills applied to the study of history, geography, culture, and political and economic systems in order to make informed decisions, pose innovative solutions, and meet the challenges of participatory citizenship in an increasingly pluralistic society and interdependent world.

5.  All students will meet established world language performance standards by demonstrating the linguistic and cultural skills needed to communicate, collaborate and connect with people of different experiences and perspectives from around the world. 

6.   All students will meet established health, physical education, and wellness performance standards by demonstrating self-direction and resourcefulness in setting goals, solving problems and seeking feedback to develop and maintain a personal plan for life-long wellness.   

7.  All students will meet established music, fine and applied arts performance standards by demonstrating an understanding of the problem solving and communication processes of creating, performing and responding.  They will acquire an understanding of classical and contemporary arts and their impact in diverse cultures.


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