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Farmington Graduates:

Reaching Global Standards of Achievement,

Leadership and Citizenship


Farmington Public Schools’ Graduates will acquire an understanding of the essential knowledge and skills in the core academic disciplines and develop the thinking and learning skills needed to meet the challenges of local, national and global citizenship in a rapidly changing world.



Critical Thinking and Reasoning: Students access, interpret, analyze, and evaluate ideas and information, draw evidence-based conclusions, synthesize new learning with prior knowledge, and reflect critically on learning.


Students who demonstrate critical thinking and reasoning skills…

  • Ask questions to revise or adjust understanding
  • Use critical reading strategies to develop meaning from text
  • Support arguments with clear and compelling evidence
  • Make connections between new information and prior knowledge
  • Analyze and evaluate data to draw conclusions
  • Recognize values, beliefs, bias and perspective
  • Acknowledge different opinions to foster new insight
  • Notice patterns and analyze cause and effect


Communication and Collaboration: Students participate effectively in a variety of teams, actively listen and respond to the ideas of others, share responsibility for outcomes, articulate ideas clearly in multiple formats and use technology tools to enhance communication.


Students who effectively communicate and collaborate…

  • Write and speak clearly for a variety of purposes
  • Demonstrate an awareness of audience and adjust style and tone accordingly
  • Use language effectively to enhance meaning and impact
  • Use a variety of technology tools to enhance communication
  • Access diverse perspectives and expertise to accomplish a goal
  •  Establish and adhere to group norms that facilitate effective performance
  • Listen to and value the contributions of others on the team
  • Adapt to and perform a variety of roles and responsibilities within a group


Problem Solving and Innovation: Students identify problems, analyze data, ask questions, utilize a variety of resources, think flexibly, make connections and seek practical, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to a variety of problems.


Students who are problem solvers and innovators…

  • Notice, examine and reframe problems
  • Ask questions and brainstorm ideas
  • Detect patterns and anomalies in data
  • Embrace contradictions and divergent ideas
  • Relate the apparently unrelated
  • Produce novel and creative solutions and products
  • Take risks and go beyond conventional parameters
  • Employ strategic processes to learn from success and failure 

Self-direction and Resourcefulness: Students explore interests, take initiative, set goals, demonstrate persistent effort, adapt to change with resiliency, and exhibit ethical leadership and responsible citizenship.


Self-directed and resourceful students…

  • Act on curiosity and pursue interests
  • Manage time and organize tasks
  • Work to overcome obstacles and learn from mistakes
  • Seek feedback and new resources to accomplish a goal
  • Reflect on learning experiences
  • Transfer knowledge and skills from one context to another
  • Find opportunities for civic engagement and leadership
  • Make ethical, responsible decisions

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