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Critical Thinking and Reasoning

Bubbl.us - Brainstorming tool for creating visual connections of ideas.

Short Tutorial
Long Tutorial

Creately - A visual collaboration platform used by project teams to communicate more effectively. With Creately's easy to use interface and Shared Projects, everyone on your  teams can collaborate on diagrams easily.

Resources for the use of the tool (i.e. Directions, tutorials, and examples)
     Collaboration and Communication
Animoto-Let's you create videos using images, music and text. With an educational code, videos can be up to 2 minutes long. 
Access Code: 

Written Directions

Video Instructions
Sample Works Cited for Animoto
Glogster-An online poster maker that allows you to put images, text, video and sound to create a poster.
Written Directions
Wiki-An easy way to create a web presence where both teachers and students can share work.
Directions, tutorials & examples
   Problem-solving and Innovation

KrazyDad-Offers free printable puzzles which includes Sudoku, Mazes, Numeric Crosswards, Acrostic, and much more!  You can't customize any of the puzzles but many do have various levels of difficulty (easy to extremely challenging). Suitable for indergarten through high school.

Directions:  Go to www.krazydad.com. Simple, straightforward to use.

Museum box-Provides your students an unique method for students to create projects.For example, students could build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.You can add text, images, video and sound to the side of the cubes.      

Video Instructions

TimeToast-Useful online tool for creating your own historical, scientific & technology, business, personal or political timelines.  Create an account and save your timelines for use at a later date.  Personalize your rimelines with specifice time spans, pictures, titles and event descriptions.  Timelines can only be printed in a vertical format.

Directions:  Go to www.timetoast.com.  Dreating your own account.  Self explantory and easy.

Voki-Create a customized avatar or you can use one of the historical avatars that are available.  You can customize hair color, skin tone, clothing, and add background scenes as well.  Create your own 60 second audio clip to accompany your avatar.  Record your own voice or type what you want it to say.  Can then be embedded into a blog, web page or emailed.

Directions:  To use VOKI go to www.voki.com.  This product is easy to use and intuitive.  As you complete each step you will be prompted to continue.  The VOKI when pasted into a website or sent via email appears with advertising.  An educational version (no advertisements) should be available in the next 3 months.  At this time limit use to grades 9-12.

   Self-direction and Resourcefulness
Audacity-Free downloadable cross-platform program for recording and editing audio clips.  Easy to use.  Creates .wav or .mp3 files.  Resembles tape recorder with 6 simple buttons (play, start, record, pause, stop and skip). Can export files for use in other programs. 

Directions: Easy to use but if you need assistance Audacity has its own Help feature which is quite good to go to

Aviary Myna-Myna is a powerful online tool for creating sound files which than can be downloaded and used in other projects.  It includes a decent library of music that can be used legally.  It allows for multiple tracks of sound to be combined and modified easily.  Sounds can be easily recorded into Myna through a microphone or uploaded.
Create an account
Diigo-Allows you to bookmark websites, to label/tag them to help organize site, highlight text and add sticky notes that are there when you return to the article.  Able to access your library from any computer by logging into diigo. **more versatile 
Register for a free account

Overview video 

Hot Potato-A tool for creating various kinds of quizzes and exercises that can be viewed in a web browser.  These quizzes can be posted to web site or used locally on a computer with going online.  Hot Potatoes can create multiple choice quizzes, text based quizzes, fill in the blank exercises, crossword puzzles, and jumbled word
Download and installed the appropriate version from here
Online Converter-This free online file converter lets you convert media easy and fast from one format to another. We support a lot of different source formats, just try.
Online convert

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