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-Team G will post the weekly calendar and important reminders on a weekly basis.  Postings will be made on Friday by noon.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Troxell at  Check back frequently for updates.


Team Teachers:
Mrs. Troxell - Team Leader and Language Arts
Mr. Montagna-Science
Mrs. Fielding, Ms. Narvesen -Math  
Mr. Lizarraga - Spanish, French

Mr. Guignino, Mr. Warchut - Social Studies
Mrs. Szabo, Ms. Praven - Social Studies/Reading
Mr. Perrone - Special Education


                                                                WELCOME TO TEAM G!

                                                                 Friday, April 11th, 2014

LANGUAGE ARTS:...With your parnter, select your top 2 Social Action Organizations from the list you received in class...or bring in the name of an organization not on the list, but MAKE SURE there is enough information on the organization to be successful...also, turn in SJ books tomorrow and be ready to write an essay on the ending of the novel and how it relates to an EQ...

Science: Make progress on your Pet Project. Electronic versions of the charts can be found HERE.

Mrs. Fielding Math: 

Algebra:   Finish Chicken

Pre Algebra:    2.2.3 Review!  FInish SA/VOL of rectangular prismsif you brought it to class incomplete; Quiz on SA/Vol of block structures, prisms  THURS

Geometry:    Matrix page:  3 probs on each side

Español: Sr. L = NO HAY TAREA

Français: M. L = PAS DE DEVOIRS

SOCIAL STUDIES: (Mr. Guignino) You will have a 50 point Notebook Organization Quiz after the April Vacation (Tuesday, April 22nd).  Work on organizing your Notebook over the vacation.  Have a great Spring Vacation! Enjoy the warmer weather :-)  See you April 21st. 

(Mr. Warchut)  For Monday, finish making your index card with information to help you on the essay.  Remember to provide bullets with important information but not complete sentences.  

Part 1 of the Constitution Test will be next Tuesday.  Part 1 will cover the branches of government, checks and balances, key vocabulary, and how a bill becomes a law.  Part 2 of the test will be on Wednesday.  Part 2 will cover the Bill of Rights, civic virtue, and the essay.  There will be a review session after school on Monday.  The entire test will be worth 125 points.  You should also prepare for a Notebook check on Thursday.

Independent Reading (20 minutes)



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