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Level 2 or 3 ½ credit

Introduction to Theater is a one-semester course that is a
prerequisite to further course work in theater. The course emphasizes
the development of basic acting skills needed for students
to appear on stage as well as an understanding of how
other elements – sound, costume, arrangement of space, and
staging – communicate meaning in theatre. Voice, movement,
and acting exercises develop focus, creativity, spontaneity,
trust, teamwork and self-reflection while more formal projects
teach the essentials of creating characters and developing
original scenes. Theatre terminology is incorporated
throughout the course so students learn the vocabulary necessary
for continued work in theatre. Students keep an actor’s
notebook throughout the semester in which they reflect on
their own progress and critique performances.
Level 2 students should be prepared to undertake additional
No prerequisite. Grades 9-10-11-12
This course satisfies the fine arts requirement.


Level 2 ½ Credit

Acting and Directing is a one-semester course for more serious
theatre students who have taken Introduction to Theatre.
(Exceptions might be made for very experienced students only
with permission of the Instructor.) Text work on scenes from
existing plays is the main work of the class with some improvisational
techniques used in rehearsals. All students explore
and take on the many responsibilities of the actor and
director in rehearsal and performance. Students will be expected
to read plays, analyze text, and actualize their ideas in
well-rehearsed performances of scenes. The culminating project
is an evening performance for a public audience and students
should be prepared to commit to some rehearsal time
outside of class. The ability to work as a member of a creative
team on challenging projects is an essential ingredient
for success in the class. Students keep an actor’s notebook
throughout the semester in which they reflect on their own
progress and critique performances.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Theatre
Grades 9-10-11-12
This course satisfies the fine arts requirement.


Level 2 ½ Credit

Specialized Performance Studies is a one-semester course
offered once per year and requires Introduction to Theatre and
Acting and Directing as prerequisites. Each year this class
will examine the theatre of a particular style, period, or playwright
with an emphasis on its unique features as well as its
relationship to historical context. Students will create a miniproduction,
which reflects the particular topic being studied.
When possible, the yearly topic will align with a chosen production
at a professional theatre company so that viewing a
relevant production becomes part of the curriculum. Because
the focus each year will be different, students can repeat the
Prerequisite: Introduction to Theatre and Acting and Directing
Grades 10-11-12
This course satisfies the Fine Arts requirement.

Level 2 ½ Credit

Student will receive credit for participation in theatre productions.
For the actor, it demands the analysis of text, decision-
making about character, commitment to rehearsal time,
and grace and concentration during performance. Throughout
rehearsal, students have to learn their lines and blocking and
work cooperatively with other actors and the director. Those
involved with the technical elements of the play have to apply
those same intelligences to bring to life the visual and aural
world of the play. Students will also have the opportunity to
stage-manage. All roles require a commitment to after school
rehearsal time. Students who are enrolled or have been enrolled
in theatre classes will be given priority for major roles.
Prerequisite: Audition required
Grades 9-10-11-12


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