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Level 2                                              ½ Credit 
        This course has two major areas of con-centration: physical anthropology and cul-tural anthropology. Physical anthropology traces the origin and development of human beings, emphasizing evolutionary theory and the fossil evidence for it. The dispute be-tween evolutionists and creationists is cov-ered. Cultural anthropology looks at both the similarities and the differences among con-temporary cultures in various parts of the world. In the end, the goal is to understand more about ourselves as human beings.
   The course provides possible answers for some of the riddles of our culture: How dif-ferent are we from apes?  How do humans adapt to, and survive in their environment?  Are humans as a whole, more alike than dif-ferent?  Materials include a text, supplemen-tal readings, and documentary and ethno-graphic films.

No prerequisite.                 Grades 10-11-12

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