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Students will acquire the following essential under-standings in social studies:

1. Democratic Ideals and Practices. Democratic citizenship requires active participation in the constitutional system of the United States government.

2. Political Systems. People create and change the structure of power and government to regulate the balance between individual rights and societal needs.

3. Development of Human Civilization. The study of history explains how civilizations have been profoundly influenced by ideals and belief systems.

4. Time, Continuity and Change. The process of historical inquiry develops a perspective on how both the past and change relate to one's own life experience.

5. Cooperation and Conflict. People resolve conflicts by choosing between aggression, compromise and cooperation, which changes the course of human events.

6. Global and Community Interdependence. All people are mutually dependent, joined by economic, social, cultural, and civic concerns, as part of a global community.

7. Geography and Society. Human settlements and migration are influenced by their physical and cultural environment.

8. Identify and Belonging. Individuals grow and develop relationships within the context of a culture, and in turn, their actions influence that culture.

9. Cultural Diversity. The multiple perspectives that emerge from diverse cultures are both a re-source for nations and a source of conflict.

10. Economic Decision-Making. The use and distribution of economic resources structures group, national, and international relationships.

11. Science, Technology and Society. Scientific and technological developments impact people's lives and the environment and transform societies.



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