Honors and Awards

DISTRICT Music Honors:

In 2017, the Connecticut Arts Administrators Association presented the Farmington Public Schools music department with the Excellence in Arts Education Award at the CT State Capitol. This award celebrates the district's

dedicated music teachers, talented young musicians, comprehensive music programming in a town that embraces the arts.

The town of Farmington was selected as a Best Community for Music Education, a national award. Each school district receiving the “Best Communities” designation from NAMM scored in the 80th percentile or higher in the survey’s grading process. Participants in the survey answered detailed questions about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time, facilities, support for the music program, and other relevant factors in their communities’ music education programs. The responses were verified with district officials and advisory organizations reviewed the data. Leslie Imse, Farmington Public Schools Department Chair states “this award celebrates the exemplary music programs in our schools, a high percentage of students who participate in the music program, outstanding music educators, dedicated parents, and supportive community!”


Carl Shugart, Irving A. Robbins strings teacher was named the 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year by the Farmington Board of Education. Mr. Shugart is the director of the Summer Suzuki String Camp in Farmington and he teaches privately at the Neighborhood School in New Haven, CT.

Thomas Johnston, FHS band director was awarded Outstanding Music Educator of the Year by the Connecticut Music Educator's Association in 2011. "Mr. J" had been the band director for over 25 years at FHS. He is beloved by his students and his alum band members meet annually at a winter party held by Mr. Johnston.

Betty Kenyon, Noah Wallace vocal music teacher, was presented with the CMEA Excellence in Elementary Education Award in 2011 for her dedication to students and the music department.

Karla McClain received her National Board Certification in Early Adolescent/Young Adulthood Music in 2013. She is the IAR choral director and also teaches at East Farms Elementary School.

Leslie Imse, FPS music department chair was named Connecticut Choral Director of the Year by ACDA in 2005, awarded Teacher of the Year in Granby, CT and the State Dept. of Education's Celebration of Excellence in Teaching Award.

Music Department Student Awards 2017-2018

The northern regional middle and high school music festivals are sponsored by the Connecticut Music Educators Association. This is a highly competitive, audition-only festival where students must practice independently after coaching with their music teachers to qualify. The audition includes collegiate level solo literature and sight-reading to assess music literacy.

West Woods Upper Elementary School, grade 6

Chorus: Haley Brown, Madeleine Elmer, Isabella George, Leah Glaspev, Siddhant Gurruaj, Eliza Kamm, Ananya Krishnamurthy, Abigail Langston, Alex Nollman, Devin Perry, Amritha Rajesh, Gautham Santhanham, Isabella Wang and Isabella Medina

Orchestra: Willa Brasch, Leon Hu, Ellie Lee, Vivian Ma, Yoanna Oh, Kecia Seo, Yifan Wei, Mason Yu, Andrew Zhong

IAR Middle School, grades 7 & 8

Band: Nidhi Binoy, Victoria Cardone, Sophia Cho, Andy Dong, Sarah Hannan, Christian Hoheb, Anlin Hou, Alex Lee, Arielle Sussman, Matthew Tabol, and Alan Wang

Chorus: Caleb Ackerly, Jeremiah Cao, Alyssa DaPont, Ashney Datta, Faith Harmon, Hailey Jobin, Rhea Kallely, Connor Ojakian, Olivia Palewicz, Olivia Rose, Ethan Roy, Reina Salama, Avery Sama, Amy Song, Anna Weygana, Quincy Wilson, Amber Wolkner

Orchestra: Justin Abraham, Mae Abreu, Seerat Bath, Cinye Cai, Clavin Chen, Sophia Cho, Kyle Frank, Tyler Brubelich, Laura Hofmann, Jessica Hua, Elle Lansing, Su Li, Jennifer Liao, Bryce Musick, Veda, Natajan, Isabella O'Connor, Kaavya Ravichandran, Swathi Sabapathy, Emma Serkosky, Arjun Singh, Amy Song, Elizabeth Song, Brendon Stallaert, Ella Szczepanski

Farmington High School, grades 9-12

Band: Ashley Dummit, Amy Jia, Rohit Limaye, Isabella Suffredini, Justin Want, Emily Bryne

Orchestra: Olivia Burt, Emily Byrne, Jeffrey Duan, Sasha Goldblatt, Kevin Gu, Sara Holt, Jasmine Kabira, Mark Kang, Sunny Kwon, Soonbee Kwon, Rita Monahan, Anusha Nagella, Sushane Sharma, Navreeta Singh, Pooja Swami, Ashley Vogler, Vivek Voleti, Natalie Wong, Su Yim,

Chorus: Sagnik Banerjee, Kiersten Brown, Megan Caccamo, Angelica Chaves, Isabella Cruz, Madison Curtis, Khonesavanh Detoudom, Frank Dolce, Julie Dong, Grace Duncan, Leia Ficks, Logan Finn, Natalie Goodman, Mia Grzywinski, Camille Hoheb, Elena Jimenez-McDermott, Saadhvi Kartik, Shermeen Khan,Lyndsey Koster, Audrey Lewis, Quinn Mahoney, Margaret McGuire, Rita Monahan, Catherine Pecora, Brian Peng, Matthew Plona, Rachel Powell, Yash Sabarad, Samantha Scheidel, Som Sedigh, Sarah Serkosky, Katie Smith, Dylan St. James, Pooja Swami, Matthew Thureson, John Tyler, Caterina Wang, Tristan Wong, Elisabeth Williams, Kyle Wolkner, Angelina Yu

Connecticut All-State High School Musicians

Students from across the state qualify for the All-State honors ensembles perform at the Hartford Convention Center with the best musicians in the state.

Band: Emily Byrne, Justin Wang

Orchestra: Jeffrey Duan, Alexandra Goldblatt, Mark Kang, Sungtaik Kwon, Sushane Sharma, Navreeta Singh, Ashley Vogler, Su Kim

Chorus: Sagnik Banerjee, Khonesavanh Detoudom, Julie Dong, Leia Ficks, Logan Finn, Mia Gryzwinski, Camille Hoheb, Saadhvi Kartik, Audrey Lewis, Quinn Mahoney, Rita Monahan, Catherine Pecora, Matthew Plona, Yash Sabarad, Samantha Scheidel, Sarah Serkosky, Dylan St. James, Pooja Swami, Jack Tyler, Caterina Wang, Elisabeth Williams, Tristan Wong, Angelina Yu

NAFME All-Nationals Honors Ensemble

Students from across the country qualify through the all-state process and perform in Orlando, FL.

Chorus: Pooja Swami and Saahdvi Kartik.